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How Your Body Works - The Ultimate Illustrated Guide

How Your Body Works - The Ultimate Illustrated Guide

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Find out everything you ever wanted to know about your body! How do you breathe, eat, move, feel, and grow? Why does your heart beat and how does your brain work? From molecules to muscles and calories to cartilage, this book covers everything you need to know about the human body. Filled with amazing facts, clear and detailed illustrations, and fun activities, How Your Body Works is the ultimate guide to you and your body.

Topics include:

  • The skeleton
  • Genes and DNA
  • Digestion
  • Muscles
  • The senses
  • The immune system
  • The brain and nervous system

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 9781785990380
Pages: 128
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 233 x 286 x 17 mm

  • 10 - 15 Years
  • 7 - 9 Years
  • Human Body
  • Reference Books
  • Science

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