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Animal Diaries Lion - The Life and Times of a Young Lion

Animal Diaries Lion - The Life and Times of a Young Lion

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My name is LION and this is my own diary. Please read it so you can find out all about - ME! My noble features and gorgeous mane will be familiar, but watch me play around with other cubs and join me for a feast. You can also find out why we let the females do most of the work - they like it like that, honest!

Animal Diaries are personal accounts written by young animal diarists. Sometimes funny, often scary, these first-hand accounts are highly entertaining, giving readers and intriguing insight into the life of each animal. 

From the hot savannah plains of Africa, readers follow the life and thoughts of our lion friend; all the way from being a cub born into a pride, we view his ascent into becoming an adult lion out in the wild on his own. Given from the perspective of the lion, we gain a true insight into a lion s way of life, and not all of it is quite so pleasant! Travel to a range of different animal kingdoms in this second series of Animal Diaries. From the hot savannah plains of Africa to the freezing cold South Pole, from soaring in the sky to living near a pond, each diary is an amazing insight into an animal s life. This series unique approach is that the diaries are not written by a human, but by the animals themselves, charting their lives from birth to maturity with all the adventures that happen in between. Series combines reference-style information with an imaginative diary approach each book charts the observations, thoughts, sketches and doodles of a young animal diarist. Information is presented in smartly written, bite-sized nuggets, combined with scribbles, torn-out photos, comic strips and incidental finds, such as footprints, eggs, pieces of vegetation and a series of fact cards on other species that the diarist meets. Offers a fantastic opportunity to encourage an active developing imagination to live and survive in the animal s world, as well as developing both reading and writing skills.

Publisher: QED Publishing UK
Author: Steve Parker
ISBN: 9781781711613
Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 215 x 272 x 10 mm 

  • 5 - 7 Years
  • 7 - 9 Years
  • Reference Books
  • Science

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