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Flip Flap Phonics

Flip Flap Phonics

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A sturdy book with split pages that gives children hands-on practice in making lots and lots of words. Designed with spiral bound binding, the pages are split into two sets of flip over pages, allowing the children to flip the pages over and discover new words. Flip Flap Phonics is designed to develop skills in blending sounds together to make words and to help children identify rhyming patterns in real and nonsense words. It can also be used as a valuable teaching aid and a focus point for blending sounds and reading words in small groups.

Publisher: Letterland
Author: Lyn Wendon
ISBN: 9781782480914
Pages: 48 pages
Format: Spiral Bound
Dimensions: 169 x 243 x 15 mm
  • 2-5 Years
  • Phonics
  • Teacher's Resources

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