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Eye Pad ABC / abc

Eye Pad ABC / abc

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Preschool boys and girls will have fun learning basic skills and concepts with this eyePad,solving puzzles, and playing games, while they pretend they're working on a tablet computer that looks just like Mom's or Dad's. Barron's eyePad Activity Books for younger children have features that-- 

  • Teach basic number, letter, and shapes recognition skills 
  • Spark young imaginations by introducing new concepts 
  • Encourage creativity with drawing activities, puzzles, and games 

    With eyePad A B C/a b c preschoolers learn to trace the shapes of each letter of the alphabet in both upper and lower case, while they also see and name objects in color illustrations that match each letter. Helpful notes for parents come with sheets of shiny removable reward star stickers that Mom or Dad can stick on pages when their child has completed a fun project. Great for car trips, vacations, or any time of the year, rain or shine.


    Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
    Author: Margo Channing
    ISBN: 9781438001203
    Pages: 48
    Format: Paperback
    Dimensions: 8.9 x 7.1 x 0.1 inches
    • 2-5 Years
    • Activity Books

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