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Creative Arts & Activities

Creative Arts & Activities

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PERFECT FOR THE EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL, NEW TEACHERS AND GRADUATING EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION STUDENTS AND PARENTS ALIKE. The focus of Creative Arts and Activities is on the creative process in art as well in subjects throughout the curriculum. It is written for individuals who want to know more about creative children, creative teaching and creative activities for children age two through grade 5. Beginning with the concept of creativity and aesthetics it covers the development of art and the basic developmental stages in art. The author has included two- and three-dimensional art activities, as well as creative activities, as well as creative activities across the entire curriculum. The material is presented in a concise, easy-to-read format designed for use by busy teachers, care givers and parents. In an effort to broaden the reader's views, the author has included sections entitled This One's for You and Food for Thought, aimed giving the reader even more thought provoking concepts as they relate to each chapter.

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing
Author: Mary Mayesky
ISBN: 9781401834760
Pages: 64
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 20.32 x 0.64 x 26.67 cm
  • 2-5 Years
  • 5 - 7 Years
  • Activity Books
  • Art Craft & Creativity
  • Teacher's Resources

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