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Natures Miracles Once There Was A Tadpole

Natures Miracles Once There Was A Tadpole

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Nature's Miracles titles encourage children to explore the natural world for themselves by observing nature's activities. The books also encourage kids to take part in activities of their own that promote a sense of responsibility toward the Earth's plants, animals, and natural resources. Each book presents a cheerfully illustrated story about children who explore nature's wonders. Notes for parents and teachers that follow each story suggest activities, further reading, and Web sites related to the book's theme. Color illustrations on every page. In this book, children explore a garden pond in springtime, and discover a deposit of frog's eggs. They take home a small amount of the eggs and place them in a fish tank with water plants. As time passes, they watch the eggs develop into tadpoles. Before long, the tadpoles become frogs, which the children then return to the pond. 

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
Author: Judith Anderson
ISBN: 9780764144967
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 0.2 x 7.5 x 8.2 inches
  • 2017 Collection
  • 5 - 7 Years
  • Science

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