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Stacking Cards Farmer In The Dell

Stacking Cards Farmer In The Dell

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9 bright, sturdy cards with little plastic PVC animals on each one from the classic children's rhyme "The Farmer in the Dell" fosters early learning, pre-reading, and memory skills in a fun way .

Play and Learn Stacking Cards feature 9 sturdy, die-cut cards, each with one plastic animal, each taken from the classic children's rhyme, The Farmer in the Dell. Each card progresses along with the rhyme as the farmer chooses a character who chooses another charac.ter in turn. These cards build memory skills, sequencing, story-building, and vocabulary. Bright, lively illustrations make the cards eye-catching and fun for toddlers. These cards make learning fun.

Publisher: Cartwheel Books
Author: Liz Mills
ISBN: 9780439814461
Extent: 9
Format: Flash Cards
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches

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