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Wipe Clean Learn To Draw With Triangle

Wipe Clean Learn To Draw With Triangle

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When drawing planes or pyramids, boats or tents, the first step is always fun, always easy, and always the same: draw a triangle! "Learn to Draw with Triangles" uses step-by-step instructions to teach kids how to create their own amazing pictures. Starting with a simple shape--the triangle--and continuing with doodles, squiggles, and lines, aspiring artists will learn to make masterpieces. For a witch's hat, they'll add a semicircle for a face, a rectangle for a strap, and curlicues for hair to complete the image. For a football player, they'll add a circle for a head, squares for teeth, and curves for legs, feet, and the football itself. They'll even draw stars to complete a drawing of a fairy! And they can do it over and over again with the special pen and pages that wipe clean. Scribbling and doodling should always be praised and encouraged--and it should always be lots of fun! "Learn to Draw with Triangles" will inspire creative kids everywhere.

Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
Author: Mark Bergin
ISBN: 9781607104216
Pages: 18
Format: Board book
Dimensions: 21.59 x 1.91 x 21.59 cm
  • 2-5 Years
  • Activity Books
  • Art Craft & Creativity
  • Board Book
  • Board Books
  • New Arrivals
  • Wipe Clean

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