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Britannica's Ready For School Words

Britannica's Ready For School Words

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 1,000 Words for Big Kids!

Enter the world of Britannica’s Ready-for-School Words and discover all the people, places and things in your community and beyond! 

Featuring all the words a child should know before they start school, this charming book takes you from home all the way to outer space with objects clearly labelled and simplified definitions.

Children will start school with confidence and a brand-new vocabulary after exploring the colourful community in this book, created by the experts at Britannica Books.

Pencils? Rucksack? Lunchbox?

Do you have everything you need to get ready for school?

What about words?

In Britannica's Ready for School Words you will discover all the words you need to describe the people, places and things around you.

Follow different families as they go about their days, from the breakfast table to the classroom, and from a busy street to walks in the park.

Explore the great outdoors with words to describe camping trips, the seaside, snowy days and amazing animals.

Learn about the different jobs people do by visiting a building site, a fire emergency, a restaurant and a supermarket.

With plenty of objects to spot on every page and a list of all 1,000 words at the back of the book, you'll soon be ready to start school with a brand new vocabulary.

    Publisher: Britannica Books
    Author: Hannah Campbell
    ISBN: 9781913750640
    Pages: 64
    Format: Hardcover
    Dimensions: 28.3 x 1.3 x 22.2 cm
    • 2-5 Years
    • English Grammar
    • Language
    • New Arrivals

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