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Adventures Of Titch & Mitch The Blue Wizard

Adventures Of Titch & Mitch The Blue Wizard

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“I see a person coming this way ... she’s wearing a long black cape... and a pointed hat. She’s looking for two pixies, a turkey and a dog ..... “

The Blue Wizard has lost his Singing Kettle! A Singing Kettle that can tell the future, and Wiffen has found it. But the future is not looking good for Titch & Mitch and their friends.

Who was searching for them? Could it be the Black Witch, up to her evil tricks again?

This time she has kidnapped Lucinda, a pixie princess. Can Titch & Mitch stop her in her tracks? Dripping wet and covered in toads, rescuing princesses is a doddle!

Publisher: Inside Pocket Publishing
Author: Edwards
ISBN: 9780956231543
Pages: 144
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 5.1 x 0.4 x 7.8 inches

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